Why I’m doing this blog

Why am I starting yet another project? For a couple of reasons. First off, I really don’t like blogging. I think it’s mostly because I’m not “in shape” to blog, due to lack of practice. I frequently have things that I’d like to write about, but then don’t get around to it because it takes me forever to write the damn thing, and I usually don’t finish. If I were only “in shape” to quickly churn out a blog post…

I saw the quote again recently, and randomly checked if the domain name was available. In the spirit of “move fast and break things” I decided to give it a try.

I’m an engineer by nature, and am pretty good and fast at writing code. I’m also very critical of my own code, but have enough experience to (usually) meet my own standards (and still, I often look back at old code and wonder how I could be such a clod). I apply the same standards to writing — so I spend too much time revising a sentence over and over when I should just publish (this applies to emails as well, I’m super slow to respond because I’m analyzing my damn sentence structure for kludgey sounding grammar).

I’m trying to get over that. So, in the spirit of the blog’s title, I’m trying to get in the practice of writing posts as the idea hits me, even if most of them will suck. Because I’ll probably have some good ones too if I keep at it.

I’d like to post about my experiences with my various projects, write about cool things as I find them and not have to sit and think about posts for weeks at a time. Food too, that’s something I like a lot. Maybe even get some readers or even make the front page of Hacker News one of these days!

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Move fast and break things – hello world

“Move Fast and Break Things” is a quote by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, a great philosophy for startups and for a lot of life in general.

Try new things, “fail fast”, learn from your failures, and don’t get hung up on them. In startups, most ideas, code and products are failures, and that’s ok because knowing what doesn’t work is valuable.

I’m a full time engineer at a web startup and I’ve tried a few startups of my own. We work hard to be innovative, and to provide services to engage our audience.  I’ll try to capture some of my experiences here.

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